Complying with the maintenance program recommended by Mercedes Benz is key to keep your car in perfect condition. But, it is useless to pass the revision if original Mercedes spare parts are not used. The importance of using only genuine Mercedes parts in your car will allow you to keep using it much longer and for more kilometers, with the guarantee that only a brand like Mercedes Benz can offer you.

Whether for new Mercedes models or older cars, in maintenance A and maintenance B, any repair work and / or replacement should always be carried out with original Mercedes parts. In Grupo Concesur, Official Mercedes Benz Authorized Service, this is one of our main premises. Only in this way, our specialized technicians can guarantee that the repair and maintenance of your vehicle has been carried out correctly and with maximum safety.

Why use only genuine Mercedes spare parts?

Mercedes original spare parts

Regardless of the reasons for the replacement, whether it is for wear parts or due to a maintenance or repair service, Mercedes original spare parts are always the ideal choice to preserve the value and ensure the safety of your car. These original Mercedes spare parts have been designed, manufactured and tested specifically for Mercedes models.

This means that Mercedes Benz develops these original parts for your car, checking that they work properly and that other parts of the vehicle are not affected. Only in this way, Mercedes can guarantee that your car works properly and that the reliability of your car will not be affected. In addition, all spare parts have been manufactured using materials previously approved by Mercedes Benz engineers.

Advantages of using genuine Mercedes Benz spare parts

Mercedes original spare parts

The best of the best to ensure the driving properties, comfort and value preservation of your Mercedes. Mercedes original spare parts are backed by the experience and know-how of the brand as a manufacturer, are developed specifically for your model and are perfectly matched to the other components of the vehicle. Thus, we can verify that the spare parts fit precisely and offer a great durability.

Using only genuine Mercedes Benz parts offers a number of advantages for both the vehicle and the owner. The main benefits include:

  • Proven safety and reliability.
  • Developed specifically for the corresponding vehicle.
  • Tested according to the strict requirements of Mercedes Benz.
  • Fast availability of the complete range of parts and spare parts at the Official Mercedes Benz Dealers.
  • Extraordinary quality and long durability.

Genuine Mercedes parts lines available for your car

Mercedes original spare parts

In addition to genuine Mercedes parts, we offer some alternatives that meet the highest Mercedes Benz quality standards. In the extensive line of original parts you will find the right option for every vehicle and for every budget, all of them meeting our strict requirements as a manufacturer.

Mercedes Benz StarParts are economical wear and maintenance parts especially for your car 5 years old or older. These spare parts are available for a selection of vehicle series, in line with age and mileage. Thanks to innovative production technology and the use of alternative materials, we are able to offer these items at an attractive price. They all meet the highest Mercedes quality standards, are available in an extensive and continuously expanding product portfolio and are an economical and tailor-made solution for your car.

Mercedes original spare parts

An option also available within the Mercedes original spare parts catalog are the original reconditioned parts. These parts are an environmentally friendly option and are available for cars 4 years old or older. All parts are disassembled, conditioned and thoroughly inspected for each individual component. The savings in materials and energy are reflected in a purchase price (average 35%) cheaper for original reconditioned parts with the quality of a new part.

Mercedes original parts vs. plagiarism

Imitations of genuine Mercedes spare parts are becoming increasingly common. These counterfeiters specialize in copying safety-relevant components such as brake linings, windshields, running gear parts or filters. Although they may look astonishingly authentic and are almost indistinguishable at first glance, they pose a serious safety and economic problem.

Mercedes original spare parts

Using counterfeit Mercedes Benz original parts can lead to a serious accident. Our engineers work to develop and test each spare part to meet the highest quality standards. In this way, we can ensure that Mercedes Benz vehicles always offer the best performance and maximum reliability.

For this reason, we recommend you to go to your official dealer or authorized Mercedes Benz workshop when purchasing spare parts and performing maintenance. At Grupo Concesur we make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. For this, we only use original Mercedes Benz spare parts and our technicians are specialized in each of the models of the brand. Leave your car in the best hands and trust in the more than 47 years of experience of Concesur as Official Mercedes Benz Service.