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Outlet Cars

Sevilla Outlet Cars Dealership

Meet our dealers

Sevilla Outlet Cars

Sales and workshop Turismos: Av. Fernández Murube, 18, 41007 Seville
concessionaires concesur

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    More than 45 years at the service of the automotive industry and our customers.

    concession history

    History is created by moving forward

    Concesur was established in Seville in 1973 as a family business group, since then it has based its activity in the automotive sector, dedicated to both sales and after-sales service of commercial vehicles and passenger cars in our 7 Mercedes-Benz centers. During all these years, we have maintained a high commitment to service with all our customers through a daily work in search of excellence. With this philosophy we have managed to become one of the Mercedes-Benz centers of reference at national level.

    concession history

    Team of experts in our products

    In Grupo Concesur we faithfully believe in the digitization of the sector and therefore we have opted to make available to our customers a number of exclusive services such as this website but also the best team of consultants with digital specialization to buy a Mercedes from home is easy and convenient. But above all so that you can do it with the best guarantees of both Mercedes-Benz and Concesur Group.

    We guarantee an unforgettable delivery

    Creating unique experiences for our customers