Like other mechanical components of the car, Mercedes Benz automatic gearboxes have their maintenance. They are connected to the engine, but they are two independent parts that, in combination, send power to the driving wheels allowing movement. A breakdown in the automatic gear box can result in a costly repair, when a simple periodic maintenance would avoid having to face this outlay.

Thus, the maintenance of your Mercedes Benz automatic transmission is included in the official service schedule. There are predetermined intervals depending on the type of automatic transmission your car is equipped with. These intervals determine, according to mileage and age, when it is time to service the gearbox.

When to service Mercedes Benz automatic gearbox?

mercedes automatic gearbox maintenance

It is important to change the oil in the automatic gearbox of your Mercedes always respecting the official maintenance schedule. Mercedes Benz, as a manufacturer of transmissions, determines when is the exact time to perform this review to prolong the life of the box and thus avoid a possible breakdown. In addition, in Grupo Concesur we have specialized mechanics who can perform this work with total guarantee.

There are several types of automatic gearboxes in Mercedes, such as the dual-clutch automatic transmission or the torque converter automatic transmission. These transmissions are identified by trade names such as 7G-TRONIC, 7G-DCT and 8G-DCT, and the popular and reliable 9G-TRONIC gearbox. Depending on the particular type of gearbox, the maintenance intervals will be more or less extended in time and mileage.

mercedes automatic gearbox maintenance

A mileage range to determine the oil change of the Mercedes automatic gearbox would be between 60,000 and 120,000 km. If you do not reach these mileage figures, the maintenance of the transmission will be done by time. In this case, the terms range from 2 to 6 years.

You can check when to change the gearbox oil in the maintenance book of your Mercedes or, if you prefer, our advisors will help you to solve all the doubts you may have regarding the maintenance of the Mercedes Benz automatic gearbox.

Change automatic gearbox oil Mercedes

Changing the oil in the automatic gearbox of your Mercedes is included in the A and B maintenance plans. This type of overhaul is carried out regularly in the Official Mercedes Benz Workshops of Grupo Concesur. It is considered preventive maintenance, is carried out in just a few hours and prolongs the reliability of the gearbox.

mercedes automatic gearbox maintenance

These automatic transmissions use a hydraulic oil called ATF. This lubricant coats the gears inside, allowing gear changes to be made through the solenoid valves. Like any other oil, gearbox fluid also degrades, losing its lubricating characteristics. At this point, you might notice that gear changes are not performed efficiently, with jerks and roughness unbecoming of a vehicle of Mercedes Benz quality. In addition, gearbox oil has cooling properties that help control temperature.

To avoid these symptoms or a possible breakdown due to the poor condition of the lubricant in the automatic gearbox, it is advisable to change the oil periodically. In addition to replacing the used oil with a new one according to the manufacturer's specifications, we also change the gearbox oil filter. In this way, we completely remove any residue or impurities left inside the transmission.

Mercedes automatic gearbox oil change price

mercedes automatic gearbox maintenance

The price of the Mercedes Benz automatic transmission oil change will also depend on the type of transmission and the model. This is determined by the amount of oil and the working hours required for its replacement. As a guideline, the price of an automatic gearbox oil change can range from 200€ to 400€.

Remember that you can ask for an estimate without obligation in the Official Workshops of Grupo Concesur. Our advisors will give you the best prices on the market so you can have your car serviced in a specialized workshop with more than 47 years of experience in Mercedes Benz models.

Tips for caring for an automatic transmission

mercedes automatic gearbox maintenance

In addition to regular maintenance, there are a number of tips and tricks for the care of an automatic transmission. Our attitude behind the wheel and towards this important part of the propulsion system will prolong the service life of the automatic transmission. Here are some useful tips on how to take care of the transmission:

  • Stop the vehicle to shift the transmission: wait until you have come to a complete stop before shifting from D to R, or vice versa. In this way, you will avoid damaging the gearbox gears.
  • Press the brake: when you are going to be stopped at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, keep the brake pedal depressed. Do not accelerate and do not change the position of the selector lever if it is a dual clutch gearbox (7G-DCT and 8G-DCT).
  • For prolonged stops, it is better to set N: if you are going to be stationary for several minutes, for example, in a traffic jam, set N (Neutral) on the gear selector lever. This advice applies to torque converter automatic gearboxes. You will prevent the converter from constantly creeping, reducing fuel consumption and helping to cool the transmission oil.
  • Comply with maintenance schedules: in this way, in addition to taking care of the gearbox, you will help to avoid possible breakdowns due to the natural wear of the internal components of the transmission. Always use original Mercedes spare parts and quality lubricating oils.

If you have not already done so, make an appointment at your nearest Mercedes Benz Concesur Group Official Workshop and perform the maintenance of your automatic gearbox. Trust our experts to perform this review, with the guarantee that only an Official Mercedes Benz Service can give you.