What is included and what is the price of the Mercedes Benz A Maintenance? In Grupo Concesur we have specialized technicians who are in charge of tuning your car whenever you need it. When the system Assyst Plussystem, standard in all Mercedes Benz, shows you a code with a letter and a number on the dashboard of your car, it is time to have it serviced. What better way to do it than with real professionals. Because it is as important to respect the maintenance intervals as it is to be informed of the work to be done. Take care of your Mercedes, and your Mercedes will take care of you.

The Mercedes Benz Type A Maintenance is one of the two periodic inspections that you must perform on your car. It is very important to respect the intervals, since a good maintenance will avoid possible breakdowns that will suppose a great disbursement in the repair bill. You should also know what aspects are checked in each inspection, what replacement work is carried out and what price they have, both spare parts and labor.

What is Mercedes Benz A Maintenance?

Every certain time -usually one year- and mileage, the Assyst Plus system will launch a message on your Mercedes' dashboard displaying the message 'Maintenance' followed by a letter (A or B) and a number (1-9). The letter indicates the duration of the maintenance, either short (A) or long (B). And the number specifies the work to be performed at that particular maintenance. These maintenance tasks vary depending on the model, mileage, age, engine and even equipment.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance

Mercedes Benz Maintenance A is considered the basic maintenance, which includes the essential overhaul, inspection and replacement work. Maintenance B, on the other hand, is more complete. It includes, in addition to all the items of Maintenance Type A, some more specific items that depend directly on the vehicle model.

The number that accompanies the letter A or B goes from 1 to 9 and each one is specific to a particular model. Thus, it will not be the same, for example, the A4 Maintenance of a Mercedes A-Class with a gasoline engine, than the A4 Maintenance of a diesel A-Class. The same is true between different models, or simply depending on age, mileage or available equipment.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance

But, regardless of such details, it is important to perform maintenance according to the intervals established by Mercedes Benz. The revisions not only prolong the life of your car, but also contribute to improve its reliability. This will prevent future breakdowns resulting from misuse or irregular maintenance.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance A: what does it include?

What parts are replaced and/or overhauled in Mercedes Benz A Maintenance? Generally speaking, Type A Maintenance includes a series of basic tasks that are common to all models, regardless of their characteristics. Thus, our technicians will perform the following tasks:

- Replacement of engine oil and oil filter.

- Level check (brake fluid and coolant).

- Verification of the state of the headlights and their correct operation.

- Windshield wipers: check their operation and fluid level.

- Checking tire pressure.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance

These sections are considered basic in each maintenance interval. From this point, we add other works that your Mercedes Benz will indicate us according to the type of service and numbering (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 or A9). With this information, our certified technicians, who have been specifically trained in each model of Mercedes Benz, are responsible for tuning your car. In addition, at Grupo Concesur we use original spare parts and components, parts that meet the highest quality standards of the brand.

What is the price of Mercedes Benz Type A Maintenance?

The price of Mercedes Benz A Maintenance depends on the model, mileage and available equipment. Depending on the items that need to be serviced or replaced, the price may vary.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance

Remember that in Grupo Concesur we have maintenance promotions for specific models, with closed prices for service packages that will make things easier for you when it comes to a complete overhaul at an Authorized Mercedes Benz Service Center. At Concesur we have three maintenance options(ServiceCare, ServiceCare Plus and CompleteCare). These packages, which you can pay month by month -or in a single payment- give you access to a series of specific advantages when it comes to servicing your Mercedes.

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