Our car, just like our body, needs a periodic tune-up. Maintenance is key to avoid breakdowns or excessive and premature wear in the vital parts of the engine. In Grupo Concesur, your Official Mercedes Benz Service, we care that your car recovers strength and always works as the first day. Therefore, it is important to respect the maintenance intervals that the car itself will indicate and to be informed about what tasks are going to be performed. So, what does Mercedes Benz B Maintenance include and how much does it cost?

It is important to know that maintenance is essential to avoid possible breakdowns. This type of periodic check-ups, where oil and filters are replaced, for example, are also used to foresee future interventions. In this way, we avoid suffering a major breakdown due to poor maintenance that could result in a large repair bill.

What is Mercedes Benz Maintenance B?

The maintenance codes of your Mercedes Benz indicate the type of inspection to be performed at the official workshop. The Assyst Plus system, standard on all Mercedes Benz, is responsible for displaying the code in the box of your car, which has a structure with a letter (A or B) and a number. The initial letter indicates the duration of maintenance (short or long). Meanwhile, the number specifies the additional checks and work required depending on the use and equipment of your car.

Maintenance B Mercedes Benz

Thus, we can determine that Maintenance A is the basic one, while Mercedes Maintenance B is the most complete. Note that all the work, replacements and checks that are performed in Maintenance A, are also carried out in Maintenance B, with the addition of inspecting other components, such as brakes, battery or tires.

The numerical code (1 to 9) indicates the additional checks and work to be carried out on your car depending on its use and equipment. These appear depending on the model, so all maintenance operations scheduled on a Mercedes A-Class will not appear on a Mercedes E-Class, and vice versa. It is possible to find the code Maintenance B5 Mercedes, Maintenance B2, or Maintenance B9, depending on the type of vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance B: what does it include?

Only Mercedes Benz knows what's best for your car. Our certified technicians have been specifically trained in each Mercedes Benz model. No one knows better than them the operation and needs of your car. In addition, the professionals who work in the Official Mercedes Benz Concesur Service use only original spare parts and components, with parts that meet the highest quality standards of the brand.

Maintenance B Mercedes Benz

Maintenance A

In order to understand the work performed in Maintenance B (long), it is important to know the sections that are checked in Maintenance A (short):

- Replacement of engine oil and oil filter.

- Level check (brake fluid and coolant).

- Verification of the state of the headlights and their correct operation.

- Windshield wipers: check their operation and fluid level.

- Checking tire pressure.

Maintenance B

In addition to the work contemplated in Maintenance A, Program B adds:

- Air and cabin air filters.

- Braking system check: condition of brake pads, disc wear and brake fluid replacement.

- Checking the condition of the tires: checking tire pressures and tread for damage and even wear (tread depth is measured).

- Damping system: verification of its condition and wear of components.

- Checking the battery condition.

Maintenance B Mercedes Benz

From these basic revision and replacement points, there are other types of works that your Mercedes Benz will indicate us according to the type of service and numbering (A1, A3, A4, A5, A5, A7 or B1, B3, B5, B7, ...). It is important to keep in mind that each car, depending on its age, mileage, characteristics, engine and equipment, will require a specific type of maintenance. But at no time should you worry. The Assyst Plus system is in charge of warning you and our technicians know at all times what is best for your Mercedes Benz.

In Grupo Concesur we always have promotions in maintenance for specific models, with closed prices for service packages that will make it more comfortable to pass a complete overhaul in an Official Mercedes Benz Service. We offer you three maintenance options(ServiceCare, ServiceCare Plus and CompleteCare) with which you can pay month to month or in a single payment and enjoy a series of services without worrying about anything else.

Do not hesitate, ask for an appointment at one of our Official Dealers and leave your Mercedes Benz in the best hands.

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