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New Mercedes Benz Cars

Can't find the car you are looking for?

Tell us what you need and we will let you know when we have the right car for you.

Can't find the car you are looking for?

New Mercedes cars: an offer full of novelties

The current range of new Mercedes cars is full of opportunities for drivers of all types. Our vehicles adapt to the changing needs of the modern driver, providing Mercedes Benz customers with the latest advances in technology, safety systems and connectivity solutions.

A new Mercedes car is a guarantee of assured purchase. A premium product of high quality, with the latest advances in the automotive sector available to the driver. Among our wide range of brand new Mercedes cars you will find different segments, including offers in the demanded compact market, in the multipurpose SUV and in the always elegant sedans.

A new Mercedes is synonymous with reliability, durability and good taste. It also means sportiness, thanks to our range of Mercedes AMG models, as well as efficiency, with our advanced EQ Power plug-in hybrid models, or our range of pure electric models, both segments with a 0 Emissions environmental label from the Spanish Traffic Authority (Dirección General de Tráfico).

The best deals on new Mercedes cars

Among the new Mercedes cars on offer you can find all kinds of models, at the best prices on the market in Grupo Concesur. The successful Mercedes Benz A-Classthe elegant, technological and youthful compact Mercedes Benz, is available new between 32,000 and 42,000 euros. Meanwhile, its price normally ranges between 33,000 and 74,000 euros.

Another example of new Mercedes car offers can be found in the successful Mercedes Benz CLA. Mercedes Benz CLAa sporty four-door coupe full of novelties that, in its second generation, can be purchased new for between 31,000 and 45,000 euros. Meanwhile, the new CLA costs between 32 thousand and 78 thousand euros.

These new Mercedes car deals also apply to the SUV range, highlighting the bold Mercedes Benz GLA. In its second generation, the price of a new GLA usually ranges between 38 thousand and 85 thousand euros. While in Grupo Concesur you will find it for between 37 thousand and 48 thousand euros.

The new Mercedes cars on offer are also available in other segments, including models such as the Mercedes Benz C-Class or the Mercedes Benz GLEamong others.

Why buy a new Mercedes car?

Buying a new Mercedes car brings you a multitude of advantages. First of all, the personalization of a vehicle that Mercedes Benz will manufacture taking into account your preferences. You can choose the engine, body color, finishes and interior upholstery, as well as the technological elements and optional equipment that the car will have.

The new Mercedes models are also completely updated. The cars you find in our Official Mercedes Benz Dealer Network are vehicles that have the latest advances and innovations of the manufacturer.

This section makes a big difference when buying a new or used vehicle. second-handIt guarantees that the car complies with the latest and strictest advances in terms of emissions, that it is more environmentally friendly than ever and that it introduces the most effective safety systems, both active and passive, to protect both the occupants of the vehicle and other road users.

Buying a new Mercedes car will allow you to get a brand new vehicle brought directly from the factory, updated to the latest Mercedes Benz quality standards and with the most complete warranties for a new car.

Advantages of a new Mercedes vs. a Mercedes Km 0

The main advantages of a new Mercedes vs. a new Mercedes are Mercedes Km 0 we find the fact of being able to release a new Mercedes car manufactured based on your personal preferences and tastes. You can add the color you want, the engine that best suits your needs and the equipment that you will really use the most.

On the contrary, a 0 km Mercedes offers great advantages, especially in price, but they usually accumulate a small amount of mileage and are configured with predefined features and equipment.
In spite of this, both a new Mercedes and a 0 Km Mercedes offer the highest Mercedes Benz quality standards and a full warranty.

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