Did you know that you can configure the behavior of your Mercedes according to your needs? In this way, the driving characteristics of the vehicle vary based on predetermined parameters, which can result in a sportier response, a more comfortable driving or a more efficient behavior where fuel and/or electricity savings are a priority. It is precisely for this last aspect that the Mercedes ECO Mode has been developed.

Available within the Mercedes DYNAMIC SELECT system, ECO mode is one of the different preset driving programs you will find in your car. By default, all new Mercedes come standard with up to five different modes: ECO, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual. In addition to these, there are other programs designed for SUVs, EQ Power plug-in hybrids or 100% electric models.

What is Mercedes Benz ECO mode?

mercedes eco mode

But what is Mercedes ECO mode? It is one of the default programs available in your car's DYNAMIC SELECT system. It is designed to extract maximum efficiency from the propulsion system, which translates directly into a significant reduction in fuel or electricity consumption.

ECO mode adjusts a number of vehicle parameters, allowing a more relaxed driving style to be directly reflected in fuel economy. This, together with efficient driving, will allow you to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. This program adjusts the way in which the engine delivers its power, so you will not give up the performance of your Mercedes Benz, but you will get it in a more linear and progressive way.

How ECO mode works

mercedes eco mode

Select ECO mode with the DYNAMIC SELECT program knob on the center console or via the Mercedes MBUX touchscreen. Once activated, the system activates a specific setting that affects different parts of the vehicle, such as the propulsion system or the climate control. This is how Mercedes ECO mode works:

  • Throttle response: the mode in which the engine delivers power becomes smoother and more progressive. The same happens with the throttle response, configured to avoid unnecessary accelerations that affect fuel or electricity consumption.
  • Transmission gear changes: the transitions from gear to gear in the gearbox are made at low revs. Your Mercedes will try, whenever the situation permits, to drive in high gears to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Climate control performance: some settings of the vehicle's climate control system will have a lower performance than usual or will be switched off.
  • Inertia mode is available: if your Mercedes has an automatic transmission, the so-called inertia mode will be activated. This mode disconnects the propulsion (the gearbox remains in neutral N) when you release the accelerator on a slope. Thus, inertia is used to move forward without mechanical resistance, reducing fuel consumption to zero. This feature is available whenever the situation permits, maintaining maximum safety at all times, so that if the car increases speed, the mode is automatically deactivated.

In addition to saving fuel, ECO mode offers the same features as the Comfort program of your Mercedes Benz, so you will enjoy a relaxed and quiet drive.

When to use ECO Mercedes mode?

mercedes eco mode

The versatility of the Mercedes Benz DYNAMIC SELECT driving program allows you to select the right mode at any time. There is a setting for every situation, from relaxed and efficient driving (ECO and Comfort), to when you need all the power available (Sport and Sport +) for dynamic driving.

Mercedes ECO mode is designed for efficient and environmentally friendly driving. It is an ideal setting for road trips, where you will maintain a constant speed for several kilometers. In addition, on the highway you will be able to extract its full performance with the inertia mode.

You can also use this mode when driving in the city, because the automatic gearbox of your Mercedes will always run in the highest possible gear. And, if you do not find the setting that best suits your driving, the Individual mode allows you to customize different vehicle parameters based on the settings of the ECO, Comfort and Sport programs (also Sport +).

What is the ECO Mercedes indicator?

mercedes eco mode

The Mercedes Benz ECO indicator is a function that motivates the driver to drive more efficiently. Available on the vehicle's multifunction display, this animation shows a sphere composed of three semicircular bars that will fill in as you become more efficient in your driving.

The system evaluates the driving style at all times based on three different driving phases:

  • Accelerate: evaluate the way you accelerate to gain speed.
  • Homogeneous running: determines whether you maintain a constant speed or if, on the contrary, sudden changes in speed are detected.
  • Riding without traction: rewards anticipation, i.e., how long you drive without pressing the accelerator or the brake.

If the ECO indicator detects that you are efficiently complying with these driving characteristics, the bars will fill in until they form a sphere. On the other hand, acceleration, sudden speed changes and frequent braking will affect the efficiency index. Below, this function will show you how many kilometers you have been able to drive 100% efficiently, i.e. without consuming fuel.

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